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This text is about television technology. In the tv trade, the local stations are known as community &Os (i.e., owned and operated). The federal government regulates the variety of &Os that a broadcast network can own. It does this primarily by prohibiting a community from owning stations that in complete reach greater than 35 percent of the U.S. inhabitants. The intention of the rule is to hinder networks from gaining an excessive amount of power over your complete broadcast system. Federal guidelines also prohibit an organization from proudly owning multiple broadcast network. In 2000, executives from the newly merged Viacom-CBS were hoping to persuade lawmakers to eradicate or modify this rule, because it might power them to sell UPN. NBC, which has a station management agreement with Paxnet, was also lobbying for the law’s demise. Each companies argued that sturdy competition from cable and the weak state of UPN and … Read more